Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Our Needs

We are seeking funding as we are planning to transfer our working place and equipment from the shed we are currently using to a proper building in order to allow the women of EPSA to work in a more comfortable environment. We would like to install living facilities in this permanent building to host disabled women from rural areas and provide training in the same place. We aim to construct a well-established head office in Kathmandu with the vision to replicate similar centers in remote parts of the country to allow disabled women to be trained without travelling long distances, and ultimately reach more women.

However, we are currently coping with limited infrastructures. Since our premises, as well as some of our equipment, were severely damaged during the devastating earthquake that occurred in April 2015, our needs have become even more urgent.

Our expenses also include, among others, maintenance of the working place and the training hall, acquisition of new equipment for the handicraft and for the office, medical expenses, etc.



EPSA welcomes volunteers who would like to help us improve our center. This can be done through field research, assisting WPD, and reviewing the website.