Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Actvities of EPSA Nepal

Main activities

1. We provide different kinds of skill development training such as wool and felt handicraft, especially targeting foreign customers. Other vocational and development training aimed at women with disabilities also include candle making, liquid soap making, hand knitting and sewing.

2. We provide a scholarship program for the children of needy and poor disabled women.

3. We have been running a small rehabilitation centre for homeless disabled women.

4. We operate an interaction program for skill testimony.

5. We established a tea & backery shop to fundraise for our centre. This one has been completely destroyed by the terrible earthquake that occurred in April 2015.



- We successfully established an accessible working place providing different kinds of skill development and income generating programs.

- We succeeded to address human issues of women with physical disabilities.

- We succeeded to establish a branch office in Dhading district with a long lasting vision.

- Public Awareness programs have been launched to create a positive response and decrease discrimination against disabled people.

- We succeeded to produce and market our handicrafts in both the local and the international market.

- Since EPSA’s establishment, we succeeded in empowering about 400 needy and disabled women, making a strong impact in their lives.